[Announce] Release of version 1.98 of mod_log_sql

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Wed May 12 22:40:26 EST 2004

Hello fellow mod_log_sql users,
A new version of the development branch of mod_log_sql has been
released. It can be downloaded from the project website.. The HTML
documentation in the distribution did not get updated from the docbook
XML during packaging, but the documentation on the website has been


Please report any bugs that you find to the mod_log_sql mailing list
on http://lists.outoforder.cc/ or through the contact form on the


This version contains a bug fix to the Preserve file code, where the
preserve file would not be written to under apache 2.0. It also adds one
new directive LogSQLDisablePreserve which completely disables the
preserve file. Also the preserve file now defaults to
logs/mod_log_sql-preserve (relative to the HTTP ServerRoot) instead of

Also new to this release is the much requested win32 support. There are
two batch files included, one to compile for apache 1.3 and one to
compile for apache 2.0. I have tested this with the free MS command line
compiler, Apache 2.0.49, apache 1.3.29 and mysql 4.0.18 under windows
2000.  You will need to edit the batch files to change the location of
the include and library paths. If anyone would like to contribute nmake
Makefiles or MS VC 6 project files I would greatly appreciate it. I can
not provide binaries due to the license agreement with the command line

Edward Rudd <urkle at outoforder.cc>
Website http://www.outoforder.cc/
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