[Mod_ftpd] This might be help

Jinyu Zhang zjy2 at pku.edu.cn
Tue Feb 22 03:02:41 EST 2005

Hello, every one!
I am a fresher of mod_ftpd.
While try to install it on a linux server. I figured out some mistakes given by the manul.html about the sample configuration file.

The first one
# only allow changing, retrieving files, and listing on the site
        <Location />
                <LimitExtept CHDIR GET LIST> //should be LimitExcept 
                        deny from all

The second and third
Listen 21
<VirtualHost *:21>
        DocumentRoot /var/ftp
        FtpProtocol On
        FtpShowRealPermissions Off
        FtpAllowActive On
        FtpMinPort 1024   //should be FtpPasvMinPort 1024
        FtpPaxPort 65535  //should be FtpPasvMaxPort 65535
        FtpLimitOrder default
        FtpDefaultMaxLogins 100
        <Directory /var/ftp>
                AuthUserFile /usr/local/httpd/ftp
                Anonymous_Authoritative On
also it might be helpful to mention that mod_auth_anon.c is required for this sample configuration to work well.
Best regards!           

Zhang Jinyu
Net Lab, Peking Univ.

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