[Mod_ftpd] Problems with DB type user database

melim melim at softexpert.com
Wed Mar 9 12:01:19 EST 2005

I´m having some trouble to configure mod_ftp to work with a DB type user
Anyone has already done something using this features?

This is my Apache 2.0.52 configuration:

LoadModule ftpd_module modules/mod_ftpd.so
LoadModule ftpd_dbm_module modules/mod_ftpd_dbm.so

LogLevel Debug
Listen 21
<VirtualHost *:21>
        DocumentRoot /var/ftp
        FtpProtocol On
        FtpDBMType DB
        FtpDBMFile /usr/local/apache2/teste.dat
        <Directory /var/ftp>
                AuthName "Ftp"
                AuthType Basic
                require user andrem
                order allow,deny
                allow from all
         <Location />
                <LimitExcept CHDIR GET LIST>
                        deny from all

         <Location /upload>
                <LimitExcept LIST PUT MKCOL CHDIR>
                        deny from all
                FtpAllowOverWrite Off

And these are my error_log mesages:
[Wed Mar 09 13:51:44 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(344): [client]
handler state: 1F, epsv mode: 0
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:16 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(331): [client]
C:(11)USER andrem
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:16 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(344): [client]
handler state: 3, epsv mode: 0
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:17 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(331): [client]
C:(10)PASS andre
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:17 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(344): [client]
handler state: 102, epsv mode: 0
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:17 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(240): [client]
Checking Method: CHDIR (27)
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:17 2005] [debug] ftp_protocol.c(252): [client]
URI / -> /var/ftp/
[Wed Mar 09 14:01:17 2005] [error] [client] (-1)Unknown error
4294967295: Unauthorized user 'andrem' tried to log in:

I will be gratefull for any help.

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