[Mod_ftpd] Empty URI

Marlon van den Berg marlon.vandenberg at molding.fico.nl
Mon Oct 24 04:19:09 EST 2005

Dear all,

We're trying to use mod_ftpd (0.13.1) under WinNT 4 and Apache 2.0.54.

We can compile it, configure it and start Apache without any problem. When
we connect trough FTP, we can browse our file system, download a file but we
can not upload a file. As soon as we upload, the message '[Mon Oct 24
10:41:33 2005] [error] [client] URI is empty!!' shows up in the
logging. I did some more checking and it seems that 'r->uri' in function
translate_chroot (ftp_core.c) is empty in case of an upload.
Isn't the request record filled by Apache? So why is it empty in case of


PS: I also tried it on a WinXP station. Same result.

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