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Aaron Gray angray at beeb.net
Sun Jan 29 18:16:54 EST 2006

Hi Edward,

>> I am getting a segmentation fault occuring with mod_ftpd version
>> 0.13.1 on Apache 2.0.54 and Fedora Core 4.
>> The fault occurs on line 155 of 'ftp_protocol.c' :-
>>    limit_ret = provider->limit_check(r,check_type);
>> As a temporary measure I have commented out this line and set the
>> default value of limit_ret to FTPD_LIMIT_ALLOW. This allows mod_ftpd
>> to function. I have not had time to explore the bug thurther yet, but
>> will hopefully do so at some point, if no one more familuar with
>> Apache can do so first, please.
> hmm. odd.. i'll look into that one when I get a chance.. as I've had it
> running on FC4 (x86_64) without any problems.

The bug is being triggered on a logging statement after the switch case 
statement in the provider, providers/default/mod_ftpd_default.c:192.

I also noticed there is a possible bug in the ftp provider code, the code 
can exit without doing a release on the mutex, by a "premature" return 
statement. providers/default/mod_ftpd_default.c:182

Unfortunately as I could not seem to solve the bug I have had to move over 
to vsftpd :(

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