[Mod_log_sql] Release of Version 1.97 of mod_log_sql

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Fri Apr 9 19:06:25 EST 2004

Hello fellow mod_log_sql users,
A new version of the developmental branch of mod_log_sql has been
released. New features in this release are some new syntax for
logSQLLoginInfo and complete separation of the mysql code from the
module core. The latest version can be downloaded from my website at 


Also on the the website there is a link to debian binaries provided by
Thomas Goirand for Debian stable and unstable of both mod_log_sql 1.18
and 1.96. And hopefully 1.97 binaries should be available soon.

Please report any bugs that you find to the mod_log_sql mailing list
on http://lists.outoforder.cc/ or through the contact form on the website.

Edward Rudd


*A small fix to the autoconf scripts to detect the include directories
correctly for installations with different directories for the APR
headers. And some detection of solaris to add needed libraries for the
apache 1.3 build.

The LogSQLLoginInfo command has not been changed from
>LogSQLLoginInfo host username password
to this.
>LogSQLLoginInfo driver://username:password@host[:port]/databasename

The old syntax will still work. However, the new syntax offers greater
ease of configuring the database connection, by merging in the TCPport
and Database configuration parameters and the database driver into one
configuration directive. This is the preferred syntax.

The Mysql database code has been separated into a separate module now,
which *must* be loaded after mod_log_sql.so in the same manner that
mod_log_sql_ssl.so is loaded. Add this line to you httpd.conf *AFTER*
the mod_log_sql.so module is loaded.

LoadModule log_sql_mysql_module modules/mod_log_sql_mysql.so

Please read the documentation in the Documentation directory of the
source distribution for more information. 

*For the programmers if you care to write a database driver, just follow
the example in mod_log_sql_mysql.c, the interface is documented in
mod_log_sql.h as well. It is fairly strait forward and the next release
will have postgresql, and DBI drivers, and possibly some connection pool
interfaces as well.  The preferred license for any contributed drivers
is the Apache Source License 2.0. Though if you want to provide your own
driver as a separate package you may. The API for the database drivers
may change once more before a 2.0 release, but only for the
create_tables hook.
Edward Rudd <urkle at drip.ws>
Website http://outoforder.cc/
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