[Mod_log_sql] Installation problems on Mac OS X

Clay Loveless clay at killersoft.com
Fri Jul 16 13:37:37 EST 2004

On 7/16/04 11:25 AM Pacific Time, Edward Rudd (urkle at outoforder.cc) wrote:

> Mac OSX does have a lot of the FreeBSD system libs and programs on it.

I know, and that's just enough to make weeks like this particularly
frustrating. Many things work, but some don't. Those things that don't work
are usually because something hasn't been ported, or won't be, etc.

I've been doing some consulting work on a client's Red Hat box this week
while working on this issue ... And it's really a depressing comparison when
it comes to how easily just about anything builds on Red Hat.

> It maybe that the max os x builds name the libs slightly differently??
> I'm not sure.. I haven't used OS X much.  i've been trying to get it
> installed in PearPC w/o much success. but another user of mod_log_sql
> that used mod_log_sql on an OS X system used OS X binaries from here.
> http://www.serverlogistics.com/software.php
> You may want to look at using those.  as he had success in getting
> mod_log_sql working fine.  you may also try some mysql mailing lists or
> OS X mailing lists. As this seems to be down to an issue with your
> system setup.   oh, What version of OS X are you using? (that does make
> a big difference unfortunately)

I'm using OS X 10.2.8 -- and have been thinking of upgrading to 10.3 to see
if that improves matters any before making serious plans to abandon OS X as
a web server platform.

OS X is great for web serving if your needs are fairly vanilla, as the stock
setup will address those needs. If you need to do anything customized (such
as installing mod_log_mysql, or other Apache mods), there's a roughly 40%
chance that you'll be out of luck due to incompatibilities.

Thanks, Edward -- I appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you are
aware of OS X 10.3 making a difference in all this ... I'll probably do an
upgrade on the server to 10.3 next week.



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