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Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Tue Jun 8 09:55:41 EST 2004


> Dear Mr Rudd,
> Would it be at all possible to include instructions on how to complile this
> module on win32? I have downloaded the latest version of mod_log_sql and I
> have the free c++ compiler from microsoft but alas I am unable to compile
> them using the "makefile.in" that comes with the zip. I get the following
> error: 
> makefile.in(30) : fatal error U1034: syntax error : separator missing
> Stop.
The makefile.in is only for unix like environments (cygwin, linux,solaris,mac
osX) and is generated into a makefile by the "configure" script.  For win32,
you have to use the build_apache2.bat script to compile it..  To do this you
need the free MS compiler, then you need to goto their SDK website and install
their SDKs, then you need to install MySQL 4.0.18 from www.mysql.com, then
update the paths in the batch file if you changed any of the default paths.
Then run the MS command line shell link that was placed in the start menu. and
then change into  the directory where the mod_log_sql source is and run the
build-apache20.bat and every thing should hopefully compile, and the .so files
will be in the Release directory.
  Unfortunatly win32 compiling is not the easiest.. And due to Microsoft's
license with the command line compiler I can not distribute binaries.
> If I have overlooked these instructions, I do apologise for this
> inconvenience.
> Thank you for your time,
> Jason

Edward Rudd <urkle at outoforder.cc>
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