[Mod_log_sql] How to use the Log Format

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Thu Jun 17 21:34:00 EST 2004


On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 20:48, Christopher Chua wrote: 
> I wish to use the LogSQLTransferLogFormat with non-canonical virtualhost
> names because I am using the mass virtualhosting feature in apache but i
> want every virtualhost to be specified in a single table.

Are you using IP based hosting instead of Namebasedhosting then?

> I tried using V to replace v but it stopped logging the virtualhost.
> And what if i needed to add other information from the header other than
> those mentioned in the manual? Is Referrer a valid header?

To log the Referrer specify R. And there is no capitol V, only a
lowercase v which logs the virtualhost. You can't use the documentation
from mod_log_config for logformat, as mod_log_sql does not use those
logformat names.. you need to use the table in the mod_log_sql manual.


And currently there is no format letter to log the canonical hostname. I
can add it in the next release I make, though. As I know this is an
issue that has been brought up to me before about the massvirtualhosting
flag and multiple aliases for a single website, I will work on finding a
solution soon.

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