[Mod_log_sql] Apache with php4 mysql module and mod_log_sql wont start on openbsd

Mikael Syska mikael at syska.dk
Wed May 12 15:47:36 EST 2004


I have tried installing apahce/php4/mod_log_sql all from ports on the 
OpenBSD 3.5, but when I enable the mod_log_sql module, it wont start and 
gives me a Segmentation fault (core dumped) with httpd- X, and no mere 
errors and now I'm totally lost...

Any one here on the list running its on OpenBSD with the php4 mysql 
module enabled.....

I will happely provide more information if needed....

I runs like a charm if I disable the php4 module, but then I can't use 
the server for any thing if that aint enabled :-(

Kind regards
Mikael Syska

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