[Mod_log_sql] Possible bug with hyphens in URI and LogSQLMassVirtualHosting

Manuel Kiessling manuel at kiessling.net
Tue Oct 5 11:32:33 EST 2004


maybe I found a bug. I installed mod_log_sql 1.99 with Apache 2.0.52, 
and I wanted to use its "LogSQLMassVirtualHosting" feature. But there 
was no table created. And I think I found the reason.

The domain I wanted mod_log_sql to log is something like


Note the hyphen ("-").

It seems like mod_log_sql correctly transforms the dots to underscores, 
but does not touch the hyphen.

Thus the table name is:


And that is the problem. MySQL doesn't like hyphens in its table names.

Can anyone verify this? Because I'm still a bit sceptical - should I 
really be the first mod_log_sql user who has a domain name with a hyphen 
in it?


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