[Mod_log_sql] Scripts for mod_log_sql

Mike Hillyer mike at openwin.org
Sat Oct 16 10:32:37 EST 2004

Edward Rudd wrote:

>>LOAD DATA and SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE can often be much more efficient 
>>than loading files using external tools, and so I am sure you will find 
>>these scripts to be quite efficient. I was able to unload a 10 million 
>>row table to a CLF file in about 4 minutes on a desktop system.
>This is awesome.. I haven't yet tested them, but they look good. The
>only concern I have is about locking when selecting.. And how it would
>effect the inserts going to the Database while the SQL script is
>selecting..  This can probably be avoided by using InnoDB, (nneds
>thorough testing still).  Or by me getting delayed inserts back into
>mod_log_sql (it's on my TODO list this weekend).
I have to admit that this was written with the assumption that you are 
not selecting when loading your tables. As for the concurrent inserts 
and selects, MySQL can insert to a MyISAM table that has a lock for 
SELECTs as long as the table has no fragmentation. It may take a bit of 
testing, but I would not think there would be concurrency issues.

>>Hopefully the mod_log_sql community will find these of use.
>Would you have any problem if I included this in the "contrib" directory
>with the mod_log_sql distribtution?
I think the Creative Commons license I placed the work under should 
allow this, but thanks for asking in advance anyway, I don't mind at all.


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