[Mod_log_sql] Re: Re: Re: Table Indexing

marco moscardini marco.moscardini at acktel.com
Mon Jun 13 03:08:32 EST 2005

all this copying and re-indexing, what about using merge engine?

we could:
add a parameter in the mod_log_sql to allow MONTHLY_TABLES=1/0 so that 

mod_log_sql would create vhost_access_$month... (just like it does now
with the addition of the month),then automatically create a merge table
of vhost_access_01, vhost_access_02... for backward compatibility and
Also rotating logs... would become a simple drop table (which is faster
and simpler)

The company I work for has developed a wrapper around awstats which gets
(last 24hr every Hr)logs, processes them then pushes them back on the
mysql. Files and processed data. It does not allow for "max"
versatility, but it allows for compatibility (awstats is a stable and
complete product) and speed (if real time data is required... only < 1
Hr data has to be processed on update "click")

this is my personal opinion, but I am no development guru.

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 18:23 +0200, Marcel Hartmann wrote:
> Hello Matt!
> I have tested your mod_log_sql since a few Days. I read your conversation between Justin and you, for Indexing Tables and the archivetables.
> Now i will use the module to easy calculate the month traffic from my vhosts. For this i will create cronjobs that copy the data in Timebased Archive tables like janurary_archive_vhost_name. If it would be helpful i can post this scripts, but there are all in php written, because my perl is not so good.
> Greets
> Marcel Hartmann
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