[Mod_log_sql] Recommended version for Apache 2.0

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Tue May 17 09:16:15 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 08:43, Dennis Cartier wrote:

> I ended up using version 1.100, but after getting
> everything up and running I noticed that 1.100 is listed as a
> development version. So I would like to know what the recommended
> production level version is for Apache 2.0?

Currently there is no production level version for apache 2.0
unfortunately.  I myself do run mod_log_sql 1.100 on the server that
hosts outoforder.cc. But I know there are still issues to resolve that I
am working on as I find the time.

> I have noticed that I get some entries being dumped into the
> mod_log_sql-preserve file even though the MySQL server has been
> available and online with no interruptions in availability. Not sure
> why it would drop the entries into the preserve file in this case.

Are you using a prefork MPM or a worker MPM?? Currently it is rather
"unwise" to run mod_log_sql in a worker MPM (threaded environment) as I
have to rework the way things are done internally to handle threaded
MPMs better and add in connection pooling.

> Thanks,
> Dennis
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