[Mod_log_sql] Apache is restarting after a few minutes

webmaster at gleitgeb.at webmaster at gleitgeb.at
Thu May 26 09:16:36 EST 2005

Ok thanks for your answer.

Perhaps it's the best solution to wait until the next version has released.
Do you know when this will be? few days/weeks/months/years *g* ?

But it's strange that nobody else had this problem on win32.
I have not such a very special configuration.

Best regards
Günther Leitgeb

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webmaster at gleitgeb.at wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I hope someone here can help me.
> I didn't get an answer of Brian Thurlow who released the windows
> version of mod_log_sql.
> I'm running a webserver on Windows 2000 Professional
> Apache 2.0.54
> PHP 5.0.3
> MySQL 4.1.8
> I have a problem with mod_log_sql.


> If I disable mod_log_sql everything works fine.
> Do anyone of you have an idea what can cause this problem?
> What does "mysql_query returned (1)" mean?

This is the mysql error code that was returned.  Try looking in the
mysql API documentation as to what error code 1 is. My guess is it's due
to the win32 build of apache being threaded.  I still have a few more
things to add into mod_log_sql to get it running nicely in a threaded

> I also tried the debug mode but there was no depending additional
> information in the logfile.
> I hope for a fast answer.

Right now I am playing with some connection pooling libraries, of which
I will be encorporating into mod_log_sql in the next release.  This will
greatly assist in resolving this issue.

> Best regards
> Günther Leitgeb

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