[Mod_log_sql] Logging POST data and indexing

Justin Finkelstein comingupslowly at gmail.com
Tue May 31 09:17:00 EST 2005

On 5/31/05, Edward Rudd <urkle at outoforder.cc> wrote:

> > I've just had a look at my database and I've notice that nothing
> > appears to be logged for POST requests; does this need to be
> > explicitly turned on in the module?
> They should be logged and are so on my servers running 1.100.  The
> actual data posted does not and will not be logged. but the requested
> URL will be.

I run 1.18, and I couldn't see this at all - I did a query to find the
unique methods, and all I got back were HEAD and GET. Whereabouts
would I see the post?

> > Also, I use the log_mass_virtual_hosting option, and I've noticed that
> > this doesn't generate any indices on the tables - could I request an
> > option for creating indices on the fly for new tables? I'd be happy to
> > work on this if the project's open for other devs...
> The biggest issue with adding indexes (which I believe there is a bug
> report on issues.outoforder.cc about this) is which columns to index,
> and worrying about the performance hit for logging, as having indexes
> slows down the process of inserting data.  I plan to add back in INSERT
> DELAYED for mysql in the next release which should relieve this issue
> some, but that will only help MySQL back-ends.
> If you are handy and knowledgeable w/ SQL index configuration and would
> like to test indexes and find a *good* fast set for the table that would
> help.
> And I'm always open to contributions, just send the patches to this list
> or attached to a bug in issues.outoforder.cc.

Great - thanks; will do :o)


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