[Mod_log_sql] Software Front Ends? [u]

Brian Beaulieu [c] brian at capital-internet.net
Mon Oct 24 19:49:47 EST 2005

I think you'd have to pull out your standard logs and send them to
Awstats,webalizer,urchin,etc .. 

When I was using this module, I wrote a crapload of scripts to do this.. I'd
be happy to share them.

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hi people

does anyone have a nice piece of software that generates some graphs and
details from apache logs in mysql (thanks to modlogsql)

ive had some success with ApachelogViewSQL. i mean it works. but its
slooooooow. my attempts to improve indexing have had some but very little

googled a bit but nothing.

has anyone knocked up some nice perl cron jobs or something to cough up some
graphs or anything?



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