[Mod_log_sql] OK - all seems to be working well... now...

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Fri Jun 9 10:49:38 EDT 2006

Simon wrote:
> I have a everything working well and i have mod_log_sql creating
> tables with "mod_WEBSITEID_log".. and its intergrated into our
> PHP/MySQL apache virtual hosts management interface. I have two
> questions before rolling out:
> 1). Ive noticed that there is no primary key on the access_log tables,
> is this an issue at all for any reason? What is the reason for no
> primary key?

There have been threads about this in the mailing list archives


Read the second one especially the posts by matt erbst.  He has some
insight into the pros and cons of indexing a logging table like this.

I will be doing more research into this for the next release, as well as
playing with MySQL 5 and the archive engine (of which seems a perfect
fit for mod_log_sql).

> 2). I have a dual 2.8 xeon web server with approx 350 web hosts all
> with php and mysql access... i have setup a seperate single 1.5Ghz
> athlon server for the mysql apache logging server. both have 1GB+ RAM
> - any thoughts on issues in going live with all 350 hosts?

From load tests by the previous author that seems like it should handle
it.  It really depends on how much traffic too. Search through the list
archives (on gmane.org), as this has been discussed before.

Things to assist in improving performance is me adding back in delayed
inserts. Which I plan to do for next release when I find time.

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