[Mod_log_sql] problem getting work mod_log_sql under gentoo with apache2

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Tue May 2 18:55:31 EDT 2006

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blue-dragon wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for all replys.
> No my http.conf has no errors and the modul is load correctly.
> But there are still some errors:
> i connected a few times to my server and there are now some log lines in
> the tables.
> But i think they are not correct.
> - the tables notes,headers_in,headers_out,notes are after ca. 100
> connections from the internet still empty
If you are not requesting mod_log_sql to log notes, headers, or cookies,
then yes these will be empty. And for these to be useful you need to
adjust LogSQLTransferLogFormat to include 'I' and have mod_unique_id loaded.

> - there are some new tables like access_83.186_134_27 etc.
> - but i want that all accesses are logged in the access_log
This is because you have LogSQLMassVirtualHosting on, so a new table is
created for each "virtual host" that is accessed.

> - in the access_*ip* tables there are some values, but these fields are
> always(!) empty: id, agent, child_pid, cookie, machine_id, request_file,
> remote_logname,
> request_line, request_time, request_args. server_port, ssl_cipher,
> ssl_keysize, ssl_maxkeysize...  with empty i mean "null"
> - the access_log table is empty.....

Look at the documentation for LogSQLTransferLogFormat to specify what
fields you want logged.
> Hoping for your help again
> Max
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