[Mod_log_sql] [Announce] Release of version 1.101 of mod_log_sql

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Wed Nov 15 11:29:00 EST 2006

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Edward Rudd wrote:
>> This release also adds another sub-module that will log incoming and
>> outgoing bytes (logio) This modules is EXCLUSIVE to the mod_logio
>> module.
> I'm not sure I understood. What module is conflicting with wich one?

If you have mod_log_sql_logio loaded (to add in support for logging
ACTUAL incoming and outgoing bytes per request) and you have mod_logio
loaded as well then the outgoing byte traffic will ALWAYS be to ZERO for
one of the modules (which ever was loaded last)


LoadModule logio_module modules/mod_logio.so
LoadModule log_sql_module modules/mod_log_sql.so
LoadModule log_sql_mysql_module modules/mod_log_sql_mysql.so
LoadModule log_sql_logio_module modules/mod_log_sql_logio.so

CustomLog  logs/access_log combinedio
LogSQLLogFormat AbHhmRSsTUuvio

In this scenario, the access_log text file will have "0" for ALL
outgoing byte counts, whereas the SQL logging tables WILL have the
correct outgoing byte counts.

This is due to how the outgoing byte logging is performed from within
the apache core.  Apache calls an Optional function to actually send the
amount of bytes it just sent, however since there can only be ONE
function called, the LAST function of that name registered gets called.

In order to fix this, the core apache code would have to be changed so
that it is an optional hook.  OR the other way of working around this
WHOLE issue is to alter mod_log_config so that it exports a function so
that mod_log_sql can grab it's logging methods instead of having to
duplicate them in mod_log_sql.  I need to bring all this up on the
http-dev list and see what others opinions are on this.

>> Due to the addition of the logio two new fields are added to the log
>> tables. If you wish to use logging if IO then you MUST alter your
>> existing tables adding fields bytes_in and bytes out of type int unsigned
>> bytes_out INT UNSIGNED
> Did you integrate my scoreboard patch to have monthly statistics about
> each sites?

No, not yet..  I will be getting that in next week and pushing out a
1.102 release with that functionality.  I just want to fiddle some more
around and see if I can get bug #27 at least partially implemented in
addition to your patch (since they have a related configuration directive)

> Thomas

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