[Mod_log_sql] Patch to use ServerName when using LogSQLMassVirtualHosting option

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Tue Apr 10 19:56:50 EDT 2007

Thanks for the patch, I had not had a change yet to reply to your
earlier e-mail.  But I will definitely go through this and add it to the
next release.


Raymond Sundland wrote:
> Hi,
> Since there does not seem to be much activity, I do not know how far
> this email will go.  I started to use mod_log_sql recently on my FreeBSD
> box and noticed the LogSQLMassVirtualHosting option used the hostname of
> the request host (equivalent to the server’s HTTP_HOST variable) to
> create it’s dynamic tables.  After conferring with someone on IRC who
> also used mod_log_sql, I wrote a small patch that will provide an option
> for either using the HTTP_HOST for the table name or the ServerName
> defined in your httpd.conf or VirtualHost configuration.
> Basically, I created a new option called LogSQLUseServerName which can
> be set to either on or off.  Off is the default and replicates the
> current behavior.  On will make it use ServerName to create your tables.
> Patch as follows (use patch –p0 < patch) to apply to source.  I wrote
> this patch from 101 so it may not work with earlier versions. 
> Disclaimer:  I am not a C developer, only a part time code hacker so the
> code may not be 100% sane (but I believe it is).  Use at your own risk. 
> Feel free to “fix” if necessary, just do us all a favor and give it back
> to us.

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