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Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Mon Jul 16 08:56:18 EDT 2007

peter wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm running a Debian Etch amd64 server and have mod-log-sql and
> mod-log-sql-mysql running. 
> mysql server version: 5.0.32-Debian_7etch1-log
> MySQL client version: 5.0.32
> Apache 2.2
> It all seems to be working okay but there are a tremendous amount of
> connection errors occurring in my logs like the sample below. At the
> same time of course my mod_log_sql-preserve is filling up as well. I've
> tried changing my access_log table to MyISAM and InnoDB but it has not
> helped.

Try verifying that the SQL queries placed in mod_log_sql-preserve are
actually valid SQL queries.  As when the [error] mysql_query returned
(1) shows up in the log file that means a SQL error occurred (table not
found, field not found, invalid SQL, etc...)

I have changes in the mod_log_sql SVN trunk to mod_log_sql_mysql.c that
produce much better logging of these mysql_query errors so it is easier
to figure out the issue. You download the file from SVN and replace it
in the 1.101 source distribution and rebuild.  But running the sql
queries manually in the mysql query browser or mysql shell will give you
the same information, ie. if there is something wrong w/ the query.

Also, paste the relevant LogSQL configuration options in your apache
configuration to the mailing list (removing your password from the
connect config option, of course) and it'll better help me diagnose the

> Any hints to fix this would be appreciated. 
> [Sat Jul 14 19:46:02 2007] [error] mysql_query returned (1)
> [Sat Jul 14 19:46:02 2007] [notice] db reconnect successful
> [Sat Jul 14 19:46:02 2007] [error] mysql_query returned (1)
> [Sat Jul 14 19:46:02 2007] [error] second attempt failed
> Regards,
> Peter
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