[Mod_log_sql] Bug#425027: I need to know if using MySQL or pgsql for my score board patch and pgsql

Raymond T. Sundland raymond at sundland.com
Fri May 25 15:30:01 EDT 2007

There simply needs to be an if... then... else that determines which SQL 
query to run based on the backend defined in httpd.conf.....  or a way 
to define a custom INSERT startment within httpd.conf that would be 
compatible with any SQL system.

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> James Cloos wrote:
>> The original, mysql-specific query he used is:
>> ,----
>> | insert ignore into %s (domain,vhost,month,year,count_impressions)
>> |        values ('%s','%s','%s','%s','0')
>> `----
>> I discovered that this works on postgres, w/o having to change any of
>> the rest of his patch:
>> ,----
>> | begin;insert into %s (domain,vhost,month,year,count_impressions)
>> |       values ('%s','%s',%s,%s,0);commit
>> `----
>> Ie, s/insert ignore/insert/ and wrap in a transaction.
> Hi!
> I tried to to this with the MySQL backend driver, and unfortunately,
> mod_log_sql was returning an error in the apache error.log. I was
> surprised about it as the MySQL documentation said that it should work.
>> Also, you may want to use global_config.driver->insert() instead of
>> using safe_sql_insert() to execute the insert.  I've not investigated
>> the differences, so I cannot be sure, though.
> The advantage of safe_sql_insert() is that when it fails, the query goes
> in a preserve file. Later, when the insert works again, then this file
> is read and the insert statements are commited. I have found this very
> nice, the only "problem" that I found is that this file is writen in
> /etc while I think it should have been write somewhere in /var, possibly
> in /var/lib/mod_log_sql. I think I should patch mod_log_sql to act like
> this, and create the /var/lib/mod_log_sql folder in my debian packaging.
> Currently, the package doesn't create the folder in /etc/apache2 so it
> just writes in the error.log that writing in the preserve file didn't
> work. Somebody could even have written a bug report about this issue, I
> just didn't had the time to patch mod_log_sql to correct this yet.
> Edward: do you think it would be possible that future versions of
> mod_log_sql writes in /var rather than in /etc to be compliant with the
> filesystem standards?
> Also for Edward: I would have love to take the advantage of the new
> thing you did in mod_log_sql 1.101 so my score_board patch could
> calculate bytes out AND bytes in. Would you have time to help me to
> write this, and support that new 1.101 (if not write it)? I'm currently
> working on some other things (virtual private server statistics for I/O,
> network and CPU inside our control panel) that we are in a hurry to
> finish...
> Thomas
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