[Mod_log_sql] Using worker mpm with mod_log_sql

Paul Bridger paul at wilorc.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 04:44:44 EST 2007


I used mod_log_sql in my previous job, and found it to be excellent.  
However, I've recently started working for a company that uses the 
threaded worker MPM version of apache 2.0, and now I find that it 
doesn't seem to work with this version, with a large number of aborted 
DB connections, seg faults and glibc detected corrupted double-linked 

I found a post to the list dated 17th Dec 2006 on this same topic, which 
indicated that support for worker MPM  would be added at some stage by 
switching the DB layer to apr_dbd which supports connection pooling and 
full threading for use under apache 2.2.

Has this functionality been added?  If so, is there a way to get it 
working with threaded apache 2.0, or does it require 2.2?




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