[Mod_log_sql] mod_log_sql help confgiuring on debian etch

Chris chris at mp3crib.com
Sat Oct 27 14:38:14 EDT 2007

Here is what I have on httpd.conf now where apachelog is the user, password
is the password and apachelogs in the database.  I have flushed the db and
turned on LogSQLCreateTables.  When I reload the config my browser simply
sits on connecting when I point it at my domain.


LogSQLLoginInfo mysql://apachelog:password@localhost/apachelogs

LogSQLSocketFile /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

LogSQLCreateTables On

LogSQLMassVirtualHosting Off

LogSQLMachineID kernel

LogSQLPreserveFile /var/tmp/sql-preserve


I have the following parameters in my vhost file


        LogSQLTransferLogTable access_mp3crib.com

        LogSQLScoreDomain mp3crib.com


For the LogSQLPreserveFile I ran this command mysql - root -p mydbname <
/var/tmp/sql-preserve to ensure it is in a writable directory and the file
is writable.  Not exactly sure if the parameters in the vhost file are
correct.  My web server still functions properly if I comment out the
LogSQLLoginInfo and LogSQLPreserveFile params in httpd.conf file and yes I
did verify the password is correct for the mysql user.  I was hoping this
was going to be easy, but I should've known otherwise when I turned to Sid
for the package.


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It took me awhile to get it running on Etch.


You need to have log_sql and log_sql_mysql loaded. I created a user to

access my db with create rights so the tables would be created. This

seems to work better then creating the tables yourself. At least the

fields will be correct you can turn off LogSQLCreateTables later. You

also need to make sure you have mod_log_sql-preserve in a writable

directory. Check there for errors.


Your http.conf is blank be default. I added:


LogSQLLoginInfo mysql://loguser:username@localhost/apachelogs

LogSQLDBParam socketfile /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

LogSQLCreateTables On

LogSQLMassVirtualHosting Off

LogSQLMachineID web



In vhost setup I used:


      LogSQLTransferLogTable access_vhost_name_com

      LogSQLScoreDomain vhost_name.com


Good luck :) 


On Sat, 2007-27-10 at 11:11 -0600, Chris wrote:

> I'm trying to setup mod_log_sql to log my apache access log entries in

> a mysql 5 database. I have installed mod_log_sql version 1.100 from

> sid using aptitude install libapache2-mod-log-sql. 


> I then created the tables using a SQL file created by the developer of

> the package to create them for me. The documentation, unfortunately,

> it is not debian centric and is asking me to put things in my

> httpd.conf file such as:




> Example: Use the MySQL database called "apachelogs" running on

> "dbmachine.foo.com". Use username "loguser" and password "l0gg3r" to

> authenticate to the database. Permit the module create tables for us. 


> LogSQLLoginInfo dbmachine.foo.com loguser l0gg3r 


> LogSQLDatabase apachelogs 


> LogSQLCreateTables on 


> If your database resides on localhost instead of another host, specify

> the MySQL server's socket file as follows: 


> LogSQLSocketFile /your/path/to/mysql.sock 


> If your database is listening on a port other than 3306, specify the

> correct TCP port as follows: 


> LogSQLTCPPort 1234




> There is no area to do this in httpd.conf really, in fact it is a

> blank file since I am on apache2. Do I just add these directives in

> myself? Please advise, I am using the documentation located here:


> and my server is Etch based running MySQL 5 Apache 2 and yes, I did

> install the mod_log_sql from the unstable repo sid. Also I did verify

> the modules is in /etc/mods-enabled/ and did restart apache, but I

> guess I still need to configure the module so it knows where to insert

> records. I am a developer, not a sys admin, sorry, but thanks for your

> help in advance.  I tried just adding the parameters to httpd.conf and

> restarting apache, it restarts with no errors, but I get timeouts when

> attempting to access my page.



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