[Mod_log_sql] permanent reconnections

Robert Schulze rs at bytecamp.net
Wed Feb 13 10:57:30 EST 2008


I'm using mod_log_sql-1.101 to log access from several webservers to a 
mysql-machine. The Webservers are running under FreeBSD 6.2, using 
Apache 2.0.63 (prefork).

Now I've got the problem, that mod_log_sql _floods_ the errorlog with 
messages like:

[Wed Feb 13 16:49:20 2008] [error] mysql_query returned (1)
[Wed Feb 13 16:49:20 2008] [notice] db reconnect successful

I've added a little debuggingcode to mod_log_sql_mysql.c, so that I get 
the error-message that belongs to errorcode 1:

[Wed Feb 13 16:52:47 2008] [error] mysql_query returned (1) [MySQL 
server has gone away]
[Wed Feb 13 16:52:47 2008] [notice] db reconnect successful

My problem is, I can't figure out, where the problem actually is, and 
why the connection breaks at almost every log attempt.

Does anybody know how I can get around the failed connections?

with kind regards,
Robert Schulze

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