[Mod_log_sql] code review

Robert Schulze rs at bytecamp.net
Mon Feb 18 04:15:50 EST 2008


last weekend I spent a lot of time with reviewing the code in 
mod_log_sql. What I often noticed, were wrong string-assignments.

Except in declaration, one can't assign a string with the help of '='.
The same problem is in some of the extraction-functions, which 'return 
"-"', without allocating space for the string.

I fixed all those non-allocated string occurances in mod_log_sql.c, 
functions*.h and mod_log_sql_mysql.c

I've also rewritten that big makro DO_MERGE_ARRAY in mod_log_sql.c to a 
function and cleaned up the code a little bit, especially in 

The patch against 1.101 is available here (which also includes the 
one-liner to set the apr_pool_cleanup_null):


Don't be afraid, most of it is 'deleting a tab', due to removing 
else-statements, in case of a return() in the previous if-statement ;-)

with kind regards,

Robert Schulze

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