[Mod_log_sql] Poll: Version of apache used

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Mon Mar 31 22:51:41 EDT 2008

Edward Rudd wrote:
> For all the users of mod_log_sql
> What version of mod_log_sql are you using and what version of Apache  
> are you using them under.
> With many of the new stuff I am working on, I am getting to a point  
> where I am debating splitting the code base so I have the old  
> (security fix only) Apache 1.3 version  and a new revision making use  
> of new features/functionality of Apache 2.0/2.2.  And I would love  
> feedback from my usebase as to how and where they use my module.
> Regards
> Edward Rudd


For all the servers that GPLHost is running (hundreds of accounts), it's
all migrated to apache 2.2. The packages in SID & Ubuntu do not support
apache 1.3 any more as apache 1.3 is removed from it.

I think it's ok to remove support for apache 1.3 from the current code
base. No worries for that, at least in Debian (and maybe no worries as
well for FreeBSD).


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