[Mod_log_sql] Funny table names patch

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Sat May 3 08:55:11 EDT 2008

On May 3, 2008, at 5:15 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> Thomas Goirand wrote:
> More generally speaking, mod_log_sql builds queries with the general
> code (eg: mod_log_sql.c) when I think this should be done in the  
> drivers
> maybe. Your thoughts?

I agree with you on that one.   Been trying to figure out how to  
cleanly implement that.  Especially with backend drivers like DBI and  
the new apache 2.2 apr_dbd backend which are "general" backend in  
them selves.   I'd need to have an exrta configuration parameter to  
specify the database syntax to use, OR hope all DB backends have two  
escaping functions. one for strings and one for identifiers (like  
table names and field names).

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