[Mod_log_sql] Bug#666797: Building for apache 2.4

Arno Töll arno at debian.org
Sat Apr 21 05:35:40 EDT 2012

On 21.04.2012 09:27, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Do you know how I can test if the module is building under 2.4? That'd
> be cool to be able to do a conditional build, depending on the version,

See ap_mmn.h. It defines a module magic number which can be used to
determine the API/ABI version you are compiling against.

2.4's MMN is 20120211-3 (although, a correct solution would be to use
the first version which introduced this change. That would be
20111130-0). You can test that with

#if AP_MODULE_MAGIC_AT_LEAST(19980812,2)
use new pointer
use old pointer

> Also, I'd be
> happy to patch the source package now, so that only a rebuild will be
> needed when you upload 2.4 to SID.

I do not think that's easily possible. That's a lot of effort as you
would need to maintain a different set of maintainer scripts and binary
dependencies. Note, we asked the release team already for permission to
upload to Unstable.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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