[Mod_svn_view] configuration help

Chris Arrowood stargazer at cybertivity.com
Wed Aug 4 21:39:32 EST 2004

Okay, I have successfully

1) built mod_svn_view
2) placed in my modules dir
3) chown apache:apache mod_svn_view*
4) Added the following LoadModules lines to apache.conf

LoadModule svn_view_module           modules/mod_svn_view.so
LoadModule svn_view_diff_module      modules/mod_svn_view_diff.so
LoadModule svn_view_user_module      modules/mod_svn_view_user.so
LoadModule svn_view_blame_module     modules/mod_svn_view_blame.so
LoadModule svn_view_rss_module       modules/mod_svn_view_rss.so

Now what?  How do I define the repository?  I am missing something...

(This is apache2 FWIW.)



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