[Mod_transform] [patch] plugin API

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Fri Jan 20 22:42:08 EST 2006

Christian Parpart wrote:


> The purpose for this damn thing, is, do let XML/XSLT application developers 
> provide a way to add their own native implemented XPath functions / XSLT 
> elements by just loading the appropriate plugins to mod_transform.
This sounds like a great idea
> Currently, a plugin can only hook into the child_init() function of 
> mod_transform - as this fits my personal needs to register the XSLT/XPath 
> functions I need, however, I'm willing to add more when you suggest some good 
> ones.
Hmm. did my changes get committed for implementing the _GET functions? 
If so check where I registered those. it probably should be done in the
same place.
> Although, chipig (and co), I'd like to get this piece of code submitted to 
> upstream, so that we can get rid of a little patching hell and though, others 
> can make use of it as well ;)
once I get my dev box back up (I recently moved). I will go through
these patches.
> TODO: 
>  * a way to pass the plugins some user configuration via httpd.conf.
>    (maybe as second arameter to TransformLoadPlugin)
>  * use APR-equivalent to <dlfcn.h> for plugin loading
>  * more hooks for the plugins, but which ones would make sense best, too?
> I propose to let the EXSLT function things be a plugin, as well. pros/cons? 

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