[Mod_transform] usage

Marco spinmar at libero.it
Mon Jun 5 06:34:07 EDT 2006

Hi all,
yesterday I discovered this module which seems very interesting.
Now I have many modules (apache 1.3) which execute xslt trasform at the 
end by libxslt. Now I'd like to use apache 2.
Reading mod_transform doc, it seems that you could register xslt filter 
in each module and then execute the xslt trasform.
I have two question:
1) Is it better (for speed) each module execute it's trasform or using 
an output filter?
2) I read mod_transform can cache xsl. Is it possible to cache different 
xsl and then each module use it's xsl? How can I associate a xsl to a 
module? In my module I register the output filter, but how can I tell to 
use a specific xsl?

Thanks for the support



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