[Modules] mod_highlight colorer build question

Paul Querna chip at force-elite.com
Tue Dec 28 23:30:27 EST 2004

Jim Perrin wrote:
> The version of colorer bundled with mod_highlight doesn't appear to be
> 'make $DESTDIR install' friendly. Is this something that should be
> brought up here, or with the people of colorer.sf.net? I came across
> this when creating RPMS for mod_highlight, and it caused some
> creativity in the spec file that I'd dearly like to do without. I'm
> happy to post the spec and SRPM for interested parties.

Yup.  The build system for the embedded colorer is based on Colorer's 
own build system.  Its rather broken, and I hate it.  I have been 
avoiding writing it from scratch.... But I might have todo that.

A spec and SRPM would be cool to have.


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