[Modules] mod_highlight compile problem - Fedora Core 3

Paul Querna chip at force-elite.com
Tue Jan 18 21:57:50 EST 2005

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William Lovins wrote:
| I am sorry for anyone receiving this post from both lists.
| This was supposed to only be sent to the modules list and not the
| mod_svn_view list.
| -------------------------------
| I currently have a Fedora Core 3 server that includes gcc 3.4.2.
| When compiling mod_highlight I get an error (shown at the bottom of the
| compile output) caused by a change in gcc 3.4.
| http://www.dis.com/gnu/gcc/Name-lookup.html
| I was wondering if there are any plans on patching the software to work
| around these changes.

It looks like this is a compiler error in Colorer itself, not in
mod_highlight's code.  The best place to report this is at

I will look at patching it in mod_highlight's embeded copy of colorer,
but the best place to fix it is upstream.

In some ways I am not happy with Colorer -- it seems to have lots of C++
Warnings(and in this case, an error), and it does do some evil things.

I would be interested in an alternative library that does the
highlighting of files...

| I am attempting to get this working so that I can eventually install SVN
| View once it is released. (found your project via:
| )
| Thank you.

Thank You for reporting this issue. I have added this issue to the
OutOfOrder Bug Tracker: http://bugs.outoforder.cc/view.php?id=19

- -Paul Querna (mod_highlight and mod_svn_view author)
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