[Modules] mod_gnutls taking over, error in cert/key?

Flavio Curti lists.fcu at no-way.org
Thu May 19 02:40:46 EST 2005

(sorry for the repost, used unsubscribed sender, also sorry for the 
 direct cc to you Paul)

Hi Paul

On Tue, May 17, 2005 at 10:02:42AM -0700, Paul Querna wrote:
> Flavio Curti wrote:
> > mod_ssl is compiled in, could that be a problem?
> Yes, in recent versions mod_gnutls cannot be loaded at the same time as
> mod_ssl.  I am looking at resolving this in the future, but because of
> the nature of how SSL is hooked into apache, it is difficult to have
> both active.

I have disabled mod_ssl now and still face the same problem. I only get
HTTP Service on the HTTPS Port. The only thing I see in the log is:
[Thu May 19 09:36:04 2005] [debug] gnutls_hooks.c(237): GnuTLS: sni-x509
cn: /-50 pk: (null) s: 0x080C7910 sc: 0x08132548

where the cn: /-50 and pk: (null) look odd to me. How do I validate that
the private key is in the correct format?

Thank you and regards



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