[Modules] mod_gnutls taking over, error in cert/key?

Flavio Curti lists.fcu at no-way.org
Thu May 19 10:23:11 EST 2005

Hi Paul

On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 08:18:07AM -0700, Paul Querna wrote:
> Flavio Curti wrote:
> > Okay, I found the error: My certificate had no CommonName only a
> > SubjectAltName. This seems to be unsupported by mod_gnutls. I'm using
> > Certs with CommonNames now.
> I have added an issue for it:
> http://issues.outoforder.cc/view.php?id=35

I just read the bug report, and just as a funny sidenote, you mention
the VhostsTaskforce[1] as reference. I found this bug in the process of
setting up way5[2,3], which runs now with mod_gnutls :)

Regards and thank you


[1] http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/VhostTaskForce
[2] https://host1.way5.vhosts.cacert.org/
[3] https://host2.way5.vhosts.cacert.org/

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