[Modules] mod_auth_xradius / NAS identifier patch announce

Folke Ashberg folke at ashberg.de
Thu Feb 23 09:13:54 EST 2006


using mod_auth_(x)radius the radius server cannot use the NAS-Identifier
for determining which directory on the VirtualHost has been accessed.
Just the ServerName of the used Vhost is statically send to the Server.
Especially on https we have to live with only one VHost.

So two years ago i've wrote a hack to mod_auth_radius
(FreeRadius-Version) with introduced the parameter

Now i just found Xradius without the cheap Cookie-Cache and with cleaner
code so i've did the same enhancement again.

Now you can specify  the NAS-Identifier with the added option

I've placed it there:

The freeradius people never answered after i've announced my patch for
their mod, maybe you do it now...



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