[Modules] Using mod_auth_xradius as authentication/authorization for SubVersion DAV.

Jan-Helge Bergesen jhberges at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:09:13 EDT 2007


I'm toying with having FreeRADIUS as central user
authentication/authorization for a set of SubVersion reposirotires hosted on
the same server.

What I'm looking for is the "minimum configuration/administration effort"
for solving this.
Some of the repositories contain sensitive information that should not be
exposed to everything.

As I see it, ideally the mod_auth_xradius should have had an
"AuthXRadiusSetArgument  My-Attribute=My-Value" type option - and then have
each "SVN location" set this attribute to some discriminating value (and
then use it in the authorization queries)
But as I gather, this is not supported :-/

So  what I'm think for solving this is the following:
Run as many FreeRADIUS servers as I require "user realms" - which adds such
an argument as described above, before doing the authentication towards the
"base" FreeRADIUS server.

Any thoughts?
Regards, Jan-Helge Bergesen.
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