[Modules] httpd won't start with mod_gnutls LoadModule... Grr

Danny Angus danny at apache.org
Fri May 23 06:14:47 EDT 2008


I've built and installed 0.4.3 and 0.5.1 and both fail the same way:

apachectl chkconfig thinks all is ok
httpd just doesn't start, no output in error_log or to console.

I read here http://www.g-loaded.eu/2007/08/10/ssl-enabled-name-based-apache-virtual-hosts-with-mod_gnutls/

that I have to copy from .../data/ dhfile and rsafile to httpd/conf/
but I don't have the /data/ dir from either of the tarballs.
I do see the data dir in svn.



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