[Modules] PATCH: mod_gnutls README

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Wed Oct 1 12:02:38 EDT 2008

Jack Bates wrote:

> Doh - thank you Nikos : )
> I created a key without a passphrase and got a bit further. I also found
> some documentation in the GnuTLS manual on creating OpenPGP server
> credentials:
> http://www.gnu.org/software/gnutls/manual/html_node/Invoking-gnutls_002dserv.html#Invoking-gnutls_002dserv
> I created this patch for the mod_gnutls README, to add instructions for
> creating OpenPGP server credentials:
> http://cgi.sfu.ca/~jdbates/tmp/mod-gnutls/200809300/patch
> Would you consider applying it?
> Unfortunately, I am still stuck. As per the instructions in the GnuTLS
> manual, I created a gpg key using my server name. I tried "localhost"
> and added "ServerName localhost" to my httpd.conf. However, when I try
> to start Apache, the error log complains:
> [Tue Sep 30 10:33:37 2008] [emerg] [GnuTLS] - Host 'localhost:0' is
> missing a Certificate File!

Hello Jack,
 It seems there is a check that looks if a site has an X.509 certificate
and prints that error if it doesn't. I'll need to update it to account
for openpgp-only certificate sites as well. (Currently you have to have
a site that handles both X.509 and openpgp to work).


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