[Modules] Dynamically loading certificates.

Adam Hasselbalch Hansen ahh at one.com
Thu Sep 4 06:16:55 EDT 2008

Hi there.

I would like to hear opinions and ideas on loading certificate files at 
request time, rather than at server startup.

We are hosting several thousand domains. As such, it is unfeasible to 
define static vhosts for every single one. Instead, through an in-house 
Apache module, we dynamically serve domains based on the incoming request.

Now, we want to offer customers SSL-access to their domains, with 
individual certificates.

So, I want to be able to read in certificate files based on what 
request_rec knows, and without knowing anything about the available 
domains (and thus, certificate files) at server startup. Is there any 
way to do this easily, or does this require major redesigns of the 
certificate handling inside the module?

Looking forward to any thoughts!

Adam Hasselbalch Hansen
UNIX Systems Developer, CPH
e: ahh at one.com, w: www.one.com

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