[Modules] GnuTLSClientVerify segmentation fault

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Fri Sep 5 14:21:27 EDT 2008

Jack Bates wrote:
> I am trying to configure client certificate verification for a
> particular path on my server. (Eventually I want to require client
> certificate verification for access to my Subversion repository.)
> When this lead to segmentation faults, I tried debugging in gdb, however
> I am struggling with this a bit.
> Attached is my test httpd.conf and a screenlog of my gdb session. When I
> run Apache with this test httpd.conf, I confirm that accessing
> https://localhost:8080/ works. (I am using Firefox and it apparently
> makes a secure request and successfully displays the expected page.)

Could you try the same but with a gnutls library that you compiled (so
that it has the symbols?)


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