[Modules] mod_gnutls making Apache use 100% CPU

Sander Marechal s.marechal at jejik.com
Fri Apr 24 05:10:59 EDT 2009

Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Sander Marechal <s.marechal at jejik.com> writes:
>> How can I debug this? Here's a typical configuration for one of my domains:
> What does 'strace -p PID' for the PIDs of the apache daemon indicate?

Nothing, but I'm probably not doing it right. When I run the strace on
the process of the request I am making then it is showing nothing, but
at that point the process is already running and using 100% CPU.

I think that to get strace output I need to run it as soon as it starts.
But how do I do that? I don't know the pid in advance and I can only run
strace when I know the pid and the process is already running.

Is there any way to do this automatically when the next Apache process
starts or something?


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