[Modules] OutOfOrder.cc

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Tue May 12 09:46:12 EDT 2009

Hmm.. that looks like internet explorer is not correctly sending the  
SNI information and is retrieving the wrong certificate(or rather the  
FIRST certificate defined for the IP address).

What version(s) of IE have you been testing and on What operating  
system version(s)???

According to this SNI is supposed to be supported on IE7, but only on  
Vista (ie. not XP).. I cannot test this as I do not have any vista  


I've forwarded this message to the mailing list for further discussion  
and help.

On May 11, 2009, at 21:27 , Web Response wrote:

> Dear Edward,
> We have been successfully able to implement the mod_gnutls and use  
> it to be able to set-up Name Baser Virtual Servers that are serving  
> HTTPS using different certificates. It all seem to work very good in  
> FireFox, but when it comes to Internet Explorer, things are not  
> working well. For some reason IE is always fetching the default  
> HTTPS virtual server where is FireFox is not.
> Please visit the following sites with both IE and FireFox. You will  
> see that the certificate reported is different. I m puzzled with  
> what is happening and unable to figure it out. Your help would be  
> greatly appreciated.
> https://www.justsaysoccer.com
> https://www.fti.cc
> If you examine the certificates in FireFox, you will see that they  
> are wildcard self signed certificates *.justsaysoccer.com and  
> *.fti.cc.
> However, if you look at them in Internet Explorer, you will see that  
> they will report *.fti-corp.com self signed certificate.
> Thanks

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