[Modules] packaging for Fedora Core 11

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Sat Sep 12 12:34:39 EDT 2009

I'll answer what I can.. Nikos will have to answer the rest.

On 09/11/2009 11:52 PM, Erick Calder wrote:
> I'm attempting to package this module as an RPM for the Fedora
> distribution.  I've come across some problems I need help with:
> 1. relocation of the install seems ignored... if I run:
>     make DESTDIR=/tmp install
> the makefile still attempts to install to /usr.  this is problematic
> for building RPMs but I don't know enough about automake to patch the
> needed files.
Basically the system uses the standard automake/libtool "automagic" to
build the SO (pulling in the httpd configs to keep it with the systems
build setup).  But when it installs it uses apxs directly to install the
SO in the httpd lib directory.

So to build your RPM spec file (which you should be able to look at
other spec files in Fedora for how this is done with apache httpd
modules).  You can use make to build it, but to install you need to just
use good old "cp" or "install" to get it in the right place in your
build root.   Oh, also please feel free to contribute the spec file and
I'll put it in the distribution.

> 4. I've set up a session cache via the command below:
>     GnuTLSCache dbm "/var/cache/mod_gnutls"
> however the directory remains empty after I restart the server and
> instead I see two files: mod_gnutls.dir and mod_gnutls.pag in
> /var/cache... this seems wrong?

This makes sense..  you are specifying the path to the "database file"
not the directory to put the database.  so you should put

GnuTLSCache dbm "/var/cache/mod_gnutls/tlscache"

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