[Modules] mod_gnutls and domains without its settings

Davide Mirtillo davide at ser-tec.org
Mon Aug 2 11:45:49 EDT 2010

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Hello, i'm using mod_gnutls on a debian lenny install, the packages of
apache and mod_gnutls itself are the ones included in the stable
repository. I have a quite a bit of domains set up on the same machine,
all of them are simple virtual hosts, since the software i'm using to
manage the hosting enviroment has created them that way (ispcp omega).
I have a couple of domains, among the ones i'm hosting, that require an
https connection and i managed to set them up correctly creating
additional virtual hosts that utilize the mod_gnutls module.
This is the howto i followed to get ssl to work on those domains:

I'm having a strange issue, though. If i try to visit a domain that has
no virtual host entry for the https connection, apache is displaying the
site with the ssl certificate of the first domain i specified on the ssl
virtualhost config file.

Is there any way i can stop this behaviour? I thought about adding a
permanent redirect on every domain that does not have a ssl vhost, but
i'd rather see what other options i have before doing that.
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