[Modules] modgnutls: memory leaking on standard requests

Hardy Griech ntbox at mardys.de
Sun Sep 30 06:14:53 EDT 2012


using mod_gnutls 0.5.10-1.1 on Debian still leaks memory with the 
following simple test loop:


trap "exit 255" SIGINT SIGTERM

cd /tmp
while true; do
    /bin/echo -ne "GET / HTTP/1.0\n\n" | gnutls-cli -p 443 \
         --debug 0 --insecure

gnutls is at version 3.1.2, same problem with older versions.

Will this be ever solved?  Can I support somehow?  Anybody can confirm 
the problem on a different system?


PS: why has this issue been deleted from the bugtracker (id=2)?

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