[Modules] Automake broken for libapr-memcache

Bas van den Dikkenberg bas at Dikkenberg.net
Sun Feb 23 04:34:54 EST 2014

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Hi all,

I am the debian maintainer of libapr-memcache in debian.

The current version of libapr-memcache has the problem that automake doesn't work.
The problem was  the configure.ac  was missing a LT_INIT an d the configure.ac didn't have AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to include m4 files of libapr-memcache.

I also fixed a small issue with AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE this doesn't require any parameters any more so removed them. (no show stopper)

Maybe this can be included in a new version ?

With kind regards,

Bas van den Dikkenberg
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