[Mod_ftpd] Changes to use 'mod_ftpd' with Win32

Marlon van den Berg marlon.vandenberg at molding.fico.nl
Wed Oct 26 01:21:00 EST 2005

On Tuesday, October 25, 2005 6:32 PM, Edward rudd wrote:
> Thank you very much for these changes.  I had been notified 
> prior about
> the stack space issue (but not all occurrences of it).  I will try to
> patch these up and make an updated release sometime this week. Some of
> these are already in the subversion trunk of mod_ftpd

I did check the svn archive (by using the web interface) and could not find
any newer revision of the
file that I was using. So I assumed that the changes were not in the archive

> Also, in the future please try to provide all patches in unified diff
> format. (tortoisesvn.tigris.org is a nice Windows SVN client w/ a
> diff/merge tool that can produce these)

Well I'm still using cvs here at the office. So I could not make a diff
the svn archive with my current tooling. I guess I have to ask our system
to install an svn client.

> apr_palloc is the preferred over malloc as it will use APR's 
> allocation
> routines which handle deallocation automatically (less worry about
> unfreed memory).  

Yep I know, but in some cases good old *malloc* and *free* work faster and
I'm always
not sure when to use *apr_palloc*. I did see that you used it in function
but won't this cause a high pool usage? I mean, function
*ftpd_ascii_convert* might be called
more then once when transferring a huge text file. Doesn't this mean that it
keeps on
claiming pool space more than once during the file transfer, because
*apr_pool_destroy* is
only called at the end of the transfer? Or am I missing something?
This is the reason why I used good old *malloc* and *free* within
*ftpd_ascii_convert* and
not *apr_palloc*.

Best regards,

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